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Building An eBusiness Web Site In 30 Days
by Jim Mann

This eBook has been designed to help the new home-based-business owner plan for eBusiness. There is no need to fumble around the net looking for ways to get an eBusiness up and running. All you have to do is...

...use this eBook, along with your eBusiness idea and you can and will build a successful Netrepreneur.

The First Step to your success is you taking the First Step

You may not know this yet so hang-on.THE PROSPECT IS EVERYTHING!

If you think about it YOU are a prospect right now and my job is to give you what you want and need. If I do not meet a need or desire I will never gain you as a customer or friend.

I am a prospect everyday of my life. I search the internet looking for new and better ways to make you and myself richer.

As a prospect you are looking at this page and you have basically two things on your mind.

What's in it for ME?
What are the BENEFITS?

So, first let me tell you what is in it for you.

I am assuming that you are new to eBusiness or you are not having any major success to this point. That is the reason you are still reading, correct?

The material and guidance within this eBook when read, studied and acted upon will allow you to have a successful web site built in 30 days or less.

Why 30 days? When we humans do just about anything for a 27 day period we form a habit. Whether that is a good or bad habit is irrelavent, it still becomes a habit. I stretched it to 30 days so you could take a day or two off for good behavior.

Now let me show you the Benefits to you when you purchase my Success eBook.

Benefit 1

Know what you are getting into before you start. I will have you making "THINGS TO DO" lists in your sleep.

I still go to bed sometimes and can't get to sleep I am thinking of so many things that can be done.

Benefit 2

Know the TRAPS you and your eBusiness can fall into. Knowing they are there is the only way you can avoid them.

You won't become one of Swamped out here because you will know how to stay on the safe path.

Benefit 3

You will create your own 30 Day Action Plan that will keep you on course while you create your Successful eBusiness presence.

Benefit 4

Brainstorming - What? - Why? - HOW!

Benefit 5 

Build YOUR WebSite Theme

Benefit 6

Who wants you? Who need you? Who cares?!!

Benefit 7 YOU will have created YOUR own WebSite.

Our Seven Success Steps will show you HOW TO plan your Success Web Site.



I set the price on this eBook at $9.95,
so that it would be well within anyone's budget.

I BELIEVE so much in this eBook that I will
NO Questions ASKED!!

I will also give you access to our
eBook of the Month Club

We have just recently we have added an Archive to our site so you wil be able to view and download our past eBooks.

The TIME has come for YOU to
Take The First Step

Order Now


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( Sunday, May 4, 2003 )

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